Concesiones de Intercambiadores de Transporte

Ownership: 49%

In CIT, the Fund is partnering with 51% owner Sacyr Concesiones, S. L. in its ownership of two long-term concessions for interchanges in Spain. Interchanges provide safe, convenient terminals for passengers of suburban bus lines to transfer to major metro stations. Moncloa is the bus terminal for Madrid’s largest metro station. The facility has 36 bus bays and operations started in 2008; this concession runs until 2043. CIT also includes the bus terminal connecting suburban bus lines south of Madrid to the Plaza Elíptica, a metro station in central Madrid. The facility has 20 bus bays and operations started in 2007. This concession runs until 2040.

Divested to 3i Group plc, June 2017.

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