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How £1.3 trillion needs to be spent on city infrastructure by 2050 for London to stay competitive

Jul 30, 2014

London Mayor Boris Johnson has outlined ambitious investment plans to improve the capital’s infrastructure which could require £1.3tn of spending from now until 2050. Read more

Foreign investment into UK hits record as £15bn of UK infrastructure goes up for sale

Jul 20, 2014

The Government is to make it “easier than ever” to invest in the UK as it prepares to unveil £15bn of new infrastructure projects this week. Read more

City Matters: Britain’s infrastructure crunch is coming: Doing nothing is not an option

Jun 30, 2014

AS THE British summer makes a fleeting appearance, the demands placed on our infrastructure are only set to increase. Read more

Government told to take action on infrastructure

Jun 26, 2014

State of the Nation report from the Institution of Civil Engineers calls for action in areas of new energy generation, flood defence and local transport Read more

British business to win share of $400bn Saudi Arabian infrastructure bonanza

May 25, 2014

Saudi Arabia's investment governor Abdullatif al-Othman says British companies have an "advantage" as kingdom unveils $400bn of projects Read more

Energy Minister says renewables are a priority "despite the political noise"

May 22, 2014

Energy Minister Greg Barker has told an investor summit the UK renewable energy industry has the best potential for “long-term, stable returns”. Read more

More than £1.5 billion spent on infrastructure

Apr 29, 2014

A TOTAL of £1.5 billion of public and private sector cash is being spent on Scotland's infrastructure thanks to an innovative funding scheme. Read more

'Why infrastructure investment is needed to help drive the Welsh economy forward': Leighton Jenkins of CBI Wales

Apr 27, 2014

£15bn is needed in the next 10 years to deliver the Welsh Government’s infrastructure ambitions, says head of policy at CBI Wales. Read more

Government underpins £12bn investment in renewable energy

Apr 24, 2014

The UK Government has announced the first wave of renewable electricity projects to receive financial guarantees, providing a huge boost to the nation’s green growth and green jobs. Read more

Infrastructure in 2014: Powering up for a new age

Jan 30, 2014

Electricity market reform, as detailed in the government’s Energy Bill, is expected to take hold by next summer, putting an end to uncertainty and delays to nuclear and renewable power new-build projects. Read more

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